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Everything you need to begin blowing away limits with RPA

Our CORE RPA services include everything needed to get any organization from manually performing tasks to automation.

Roadmap & Advisory Services

Interested in RPA and don't know where to start? Our core RPA service will get you going. With everything from advisory and roadmap services to design, training, building, and maintenance, our core RPA services will get you competing on a level playing field.

Our Roadmap & Advisory Services will help your organization:

  • Identify processes ideal for automation
  • Classify RPA projects as strategic or factory
  • Calculate ROI & breakeven
  • Prioritize RPA projects
  • Create RPA roadmap

Robot Development & Maintenance

Robots need to be carefully developed, tested and deployed by professionals with a tested methodology for launching automation.

NETSVS employs rules and processes in place which ensure that robots are built to the highest quality by implementing components of:

  • Process Control
  • Quality Control
  • Governance
  • System Connectivity

Remote & Onsite Training

Working with an automation partner is excellent. However, organizations who get the most out of automating their processes also focus on training internal employees in the basics of automation. Our RPA training involves teachings in both foundational and advanced level of RPA and can be delivered on-site or remotely.


Our clients are interested in benefiting from RPA. However, most are not interested in hosting and managing the underlying infrastructure. Our RPA hosting services allow organizations to be completely hands of, leaving the nuances of operating the RPA platform up to us.

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