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County Level Court Search
CLCS - County Level Court Search

The “County Level Court Search” (CLCS) solution allows companies to use automation to retrieve felony, misdemeanor and criminal traffic records from clerk of courts sources across the U.S.

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The Problem

As part of processes such as onboarding, KYC, AML, due diligence, compliance, and more, organizations need to research criminal histories continuously.

Performing this tasks may prove to be expensive given the amount of time manual search can take. To combat the issue, organizations use third-party services which can still prove to be extremely expensive.

These third-party services often utilize automation but still face problems with inefficiency because they are not using the right automation framework.

Employers need a better approach to ensure that not all searches are being sent to third-party services, instead, performing first level searching, passing on searches which qualify for a more in-depth check best suited for an external provider.

For third-party service providers, a better approach is needed which allow them to realize more benefits from automation, such as increased capability and availability as well as increased speed.

The solution: CLCS Solution

The CLCS is built using all of our experience in developing highly available and scalable automated solutions. This solution combines industry-leading automation technology, Big Data frameworks, ETL methodologies and our know-how to create an updated framework for sourcing misdemeanor and felony related information from county sources.

Whether you are converting over from a manual process or an already existing automated one, the CLCS solutions will provide your organization the tool needed to perform information retrieval on misdemeanor and felony traffic. Users of the CLCS solution can;

  • Differentiate: Retrieve over 100 data points across the following; Case Information, Dockets, Arrests, Sentences, Charges, Events, Bonds, Summons, and Warrants.
  • Automate: Increase operational efficiency and responsiveness by digitizing the collection of data. Allow your employees to work on interpreting the data instead of getting it.
  • Integrate: Connect with your existing internal systems and databases or use a simple web interface.
  • Connect: Take automation to the next level by initiating searches via voice or team chat. Go even further by sending results and status to email and text.
  • Optimize: Decrease search time by using ten (10) initial search options and the ability to filter further searches by using the output from previous search results.
  • Customize: Only pay for counties, data and search bandwidth you need. Customize how you would like to integrate and connect.

The CLCS solution approach makes automation faster, more effecient , and less expensive compared to even other automated approaches. In addition, the solution goes deeper than any other automation solution, retrieving more than 100+ data points across each county based on the following types of information;

  • Case Summary
  • Charges & Summary
  • Case Events
  • Dockets
  • Arrests
  • Bonds
  • Court Orders
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