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Intelligent Automation Playbook

Thinking of introducing Intelligent Automation, but not sure if your organization is ideal? Try out the first step in our Intelligent Automation enablement process, the "Intelligent Automation Playbook."

In this process, we work across your organization (or a subset of it), speaking with process owners and managers, as we do a deep dive in what we call "Opportunities for Automation."

At the end of the process, we create a playbook, complete with a detailed breakdown of all opportunities and candidates for automation, along with cost, value, and ROI.

Digital Operations Factory (DOF)

The Digital Operations Factory is your alternative to traditional enablement approaches. It reduces cost and risk while providing the flexibility and standards to support easily scaling into your automation journey.

The Digital Operations Factory offers several features that makes it the clear choice to deploy and scale your Intelligent Automation Platform. Backed by over a decade of expertise in building and maintaining digitized workflows, our Digital Operations Factory uses our core technology, frameworks, and prebuilt assets to deliver value faster, with less risk, and at a fraction of the cost. The Factory also takes the innovative approach of combining subscription pricing with a lease payback model.

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It's more than just RPA in our
Digital Operations Factory

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Automate repititive rule based tasks using enterprise level software from our partners.
Browser Automation / Synthetic APIs
Turn any website into your company's own API using browser automation and API development.
Desktop Automation
Automate legacy desktop applications using enterprise automation tools.
Document Automation
Turn manual, paper-based workflows into fully electronic solutions using cognitive document automation.
ML/AI Digital Workers
You can also build responsive and interactive digital workers with the use of conversational interfaces like Amazon Lex and Alexa.
Cloud Computing
Launch your Digital Operations Factory (DOF) on-premise or in your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using container technology.
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We align cost with the value you receive so you are not left with what you don't need.



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