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DOCMON - Division Of Corportations Automated Integration

The Division of Corporations Company monitoring solution (DOCMON) solution allows organizations to use automation to both detect changing company data as well as extract new information from the division of corporations for all 50 U.S. states.

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The Problem

Market Research, Wealth Management, Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Lending, Marketing, Advertising, Law Firms, Accounting, Real Estate, and much more companies are understanding that it is their business to know as much about the companies with whom they are doing business.

While the internet provides a variety of places information to gather company information, the source of truth for information on organizations has always been the Division of Corporations across the 50 states.

Unfortunately, getting this data presents several issues;

  • The data is unstructured across the different states.
  • There is no one singular source
  • There is no simple way to add the data to a current workflow or application
  • Manual search can take up to 10 minutes per search, which includes the whole process of; gathering, collating, validating, analyzing, and reporting.

Recognizing these issues, organizations have chosen to either live with use data sources which provide stale data or even run the risk of not knowing. Both options can be disastrous.

Organizations needed a way to affordably and effortlessly connect to these sources of truth. They needed a digital workforce.

The solution: DOCMON

The DOCMON solution is built using all of our experience in developing highly available and scalable automated solutions. DOCMON uses industry-leading automation technology to integrate with the various division of Corporations across the U.S. to retrieve hundreds of data points including; Company name, EIN Number, Document Number/ State ID, officer information (name, title, address), geocoding information (address, longitude, latitude, viewport,), status, established date, and more

DOCMON features include;

  • Machine Learning Powered Address Parsing & Normalization for comparing addresses.
  • Algorithmic Similarity Matching to determine changes in information accurately.
  • Address Geocoding for retrieval of geocoded information such as longitude and latitude.

Organizations can use the DOCMON solution in two ways. One, as a real-time integration into your existing workflow or application. For example, using it's REST API interface, it can be plugged into an onboarding workflow or an application process, pulling information in real-time. Two, as a tool, to continuously monitor for changing company information. When used in this capacity, on finding any modified data, DOCMON will immediately send alerts using; SMS/Text, Email, Chatbot, REST API integration, direct database integration or any other method, depending on customizable preferences.

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