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Internet Agent/Robot Development
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Our inception was rooted in "building bots", this is what we do best. We take a very holistic approach to robot development that allows us to build the most robust and accurate internet agents in the industry. Our robot development paradigm is followed regardless of the tools usd to implement them, giving us a well-defined process for rapidly creating huge libraries of high quality extraction agents.

The components of our process is as follows:

1. Identification / Research

  • Discussion with business counterparts on required data
  • Research into most viable source for this data

2. Database Design

  • Identifying required data points
  • Archiving Techniques
  • Duplication Detection using your Business Requirements
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Data Transformation (getting the data into a format that is readily consumed)

3. Quality Assurance Framework

  • Identify key data points
  • Assigning tolerance levels to individual data points
  • Automated and Manual quality assurance checks
  • Separate of Technical and business quality assurance

4. Maintenance Framework

  • Customized maintenance schedules
  • Dashboards
  • Customized reports

We offer our robot development and maintenance services utilizing two approaches:

Kapow Katalyst
As a technical partner, we have been working closely with Kapow Software for over four years, delivering the most ambitious and productive solutions involving unstructured data in the industry. Kapow Katalyst is the leading enterprise level offering in the industry and our go to tool for any large scale ETL project.
See the Kapow website here for a full description of the advantages of choosing Kapow Katalyst for your next data centric project:

We understand that there are a few instances where Kapow Katalyst is not a viable choice for an organization. For these situations we offer our robot development and maintenance services structured around a JRuby/Mechanize implementation.
Contact us to discuss which implementation may be best for your needs.

Contact us for more information on Internet Agent/Robot Development.

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