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Job Wrapping / Feeds
Customizable Job Aggregation/Wrapping/Backfilling Solution
Job Wrapping / Feeds

Our Job wrapping solution is highly requested and comes highly recommended. Job wrapping is the process of extracting job information from various jobs boards / sites applying business logic to the raw data and then making available to the customer in a ready to use format.

This solution is available in one of two tiers:

Tier 1
Our Tier 1 Job Wrapping solution is subscription based and is geared towards customers with small job feed requests. This solution offers the same data quality as a Tier 2 but is much less flexible. The Tier 1 solution is also a great starting point for customers looking to migrate away from an existing job feed offering allowing financial flexibility (no contracts) and an opportunity to test the quality of our service.
Please contact us for more information on our Tier 1 Job Wrapping solution.

Tier 2
Tier 2, our fully customized job wrapping solution is designed for customers needing full control of the job feed process. Tier 2 customers have the ability to control practically every step in the process including; delivery schedule, run schedule, delivery methods, quality assurance, data modeling and more. Tier 2 customers also get daily customized reports providing one of the most transparent job wrapping solutions in the industry.

Visit our Job Wrapping site for more information.

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