Planning for the future.
Realizing them sucessfully.

Net Synergy Virtual Solutions was founded on the foundation of automation with an initial focus on data automation. This has served as the basis for our growth into Intelligent Automation and operational excellence.

  • 2010 - 2015

    The Formation
    The company was formed in 2010 with a focus on performing data automation tasks. Crucial to its formation was a working relation with Kapow, which is now known as Kofax. Over the next five (5) years, the company would go on to work closely with Kofax, utilizing its Kofax RPA platform to build thousands of robots, and, in the process, automating 100s of solutions.
  • 2016 - 2022
    Intelligent Automation Transition
    The organization transitions into supporting Fintech, supply chain, and insurance organizations with data automation and Intelligent Automation solutions. Over the years, the organization would build and maintain solutions for organizations such as Manilla, Plaid, FileThis, MX in Fintech, as well as countless logistics and insurance firms.
  • 2022
    LT3 Academy
    The organization eyeing a plan to launch a subscription offering for Intelligent Automation and the realization of a sparse talent landscape engages with the Florida Department of Education, US Department of Education, and US Department of Labor to launch the LT3 Academy. The LT3 Academy receives official Apprenticeship and Pre-apprenticeship accreditation. Over the next year, NETSVS through LT3 Academy succeeds in training over fifty (50) US workers for careers in digital and emerging technology. NETSVS, through its LT3 Academy division, supports diversity efforts with over 70% of individuals going through the academy identifying as part of a protected class or BIPOC.
  • 2023
    Launch Digital Operations Factory
    Net Synergy Virtual Solutions LLC (Netsvs) launches the Digital Operations Factory (DOF) as an alternative to the capital-intensive service offerings seen across the industry. To do so, Netsvs partners with NICE to provide subscription based access to award winning digital transformation.