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RPA & Big Data
Because All Processes Need Data
RPA & Big Data

There is a ton of data on the internet, changing rapidly and continuously. This is big data, large volume at high speeds. With email and the increasing number of SAAS platforms, online partner portals, public data repositories and user-generated consumer data, over 70% of business processes use data from the internet.

With the volume of internet data and the frequency at which it changes, organizations no longer have the luxury of using manual processes to gather, collate, validate, synthesize, analyze, record, transport and store information.

Big data is an integral part of most RPA processes, and we understand the handling of the (E)xtracting, (T)ransforming, and (L)oading phases as an RPA process. We also understand how big data can be a part of a more classical, overarching RPA task.

ETL Processes As RPA

Companies have been using Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes for quite some time to move information from one source to another. Classical RPA which focuses on automating rule-based and cognitive RPA which utilizes machine learning and A.I techniques now allow companies to supercharge simple ETL processes into their powerful RPA equivalent.

We have developed our framework, AARC, for ETL type RPA processes based on the phases in the ETL process:

  • A(cquire): Maps to Extraction, extending traditional extraction to include advanced rule-based and machine techniques to ensure the collection of high fidelity information.
  • A(nalyze): Further extends the traditional Extraction layer by introducing real-time analytic capabilities
  • R(eact): Combines the classical Extraction and Transformation layer and then builds upon the ability to Analyze to make real-time decisions using rule-based and machine supported engines
  • C(ommunicate): Rather than just Load, the Communicate layer combines delivering the required data along with the delivery of process state information along the way along unlimited messaging channels.

Supporting RPA with Big Data

With the ever-increasing velocity of new data, it is becoming more common to encounter processes which require data acquisition both before and during execution. Each type of data represents it's own challenges and must be handled appropriately to ensure successful automation projects.

We combine RPA with Big Data techniques to support both batch and data streaming needs, utilizing technologies such as;

  • Apache NiFi for data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic
  • Apache Kafka and other queuing platforms for handling real-time data streams
  • Apache Spark for batch and real-time data processing
  • NoSQL and SQL database techniques for storage and retrieval

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