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Sure, RPA is incredible, but sometimes it becomes just another tool that sits with the IT team, several layers away from the employee and business unit it is supposed to help. When this happens, we see the automated process used less over time.

Our RPA+ approach fixes this issue by putting RPA control closer to the RPA beneficiary. With RPA+, we can abstract the technical details of RPA while exposing simple-to-use interfaces to users.


Using voice, trigger automation with a simple voice command from anywhere using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Our partners can use voice to do the following;

  • Start Automation
  • Stop Automation
  • Get Status
  • Configure


Employees can use SMS/Text to kick off automation and interact throughout an automated process from any location, increasing productivity and usability.

However, that is not all, SMS interfaced RPA can also be provided to customers to drive robust customer service workflows.

We make use of scalable and highly available SMS platform such as Twilio which allows us to build RPA+ workflows.


Team collaborative applications such as Slack have drastically changed how we work. Companies are using functionalities such as Slack bots to assist their human workforce.

We combine RPA and Slack with Amazon Lex to build conversational interfaces powered by the same deep learning technologies used by Amazon Alexa.

The result is the creation of your organization's workforce of personal digital assistants, one for your employee, putting RPA right at their fingertip, fully realizing the power of RPA.


REST APIs are an excellent way to introduce the end user closer to RPA without additional training. Using REST APIs, organizations can extend the capabilities of existing systems by having them integrate with the RPA platform. Now, users can continue using the existing system as they did before with new functionality made available via a simple interface update like a form or a new button.

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