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Scalable RPA Infrastructure
Infrastructure for growing automation needs
Scalable RPA Infrastructure

As organizations increase their RPA footprint, they quickly realize that a quick and dirty approach to launching automation projects is not enough. To continuing succeeding, organizations need a partner who will help them safely and economically scale their RPA platform.

Virtual Machines & Containers

According to the RPA software used, companies may find themselves needing many servers to achieve their automation goals. Done incorrectly, this can lead to skyrocketing, eating away at ROI. We will utilize DevOps best practices such as server virtualization and containerization to minimize overall server cost while respecting the licensing requirements of the RPA software.

Utilizing virtualization and containerization provides varying levels of benefits in:

  • Process Isolation, which increases security and ensures one failing tasks does not affect the other
  • Standardizing the RPA environment across multiple instances
  • Increased scalability
  • Increased availabilty

Cloud Deployments

While some RPA projects much are done on-premise, most can benefit from hosting in the cloud. We make use of all the benefits of launching RPA infrastructure in the AWS cloud. These advantages include;

  • Automatically adjusting resources upward and downward based on workload
  • Distributing tasks across servers and locations to ensure availability
  • Launching RPA closer to local offices while maintaining central control
  • Managing cost

Real Time RPA Processes

We are continually creating RPA solutions which are meant to run in real-time. In this approach, RPA tasks need to run in response to constant requests, sometimes as a response to an action by an employee. In these cases, these tasks need to execute quickly, performing their duties immediately in real time, faster than their human counterparts.

Our experience creating digital workers who can handle the responsibility of being included in real time workflows show that this can be challenging. However, we have developed a framework which allows us to launch RPA in this environments confidently.

Our AARC framework supports real-time RPA deployment by:

  • A(cquire): Implementing methods which dictate how we ACQUIRE data used in the process
  • A(nalyze): Developing custom analytic engines to ANALYZE the ongoing process continuously.
  • R(eact): Creating decision engines to make decisions based on the status of the automated process, so that the automation can REACT
  • C(ommunicate): Building in custom frameworks to continuously COMMUNICATE process state.

Long Running RPA Processes

Some RPA processes support long running back office and support tasks. Despite, the length of time needed to accomplish their tasks, these robots need to integrate with other modules, often as part of an even larger task.

Our experience in creating these autonomous, digital workers who can handle the responsibility of working independently can be involved.

However, we have developed frameworks which combine elements of quality control, process management and even organization behavior (Yes, they indeed are digital workers!!).

Our frameworks support long-running RPA deployment by supporting:

  • Autonomy - We subscribe to the use of design patterns such as webhooks, callbacks, and polling to support autonomous execution
  • Accessibility - The most important ability is accessibility. This is true for human as well as their digital counterparts. Our approaches such as REST access to automation makes it easy for your systems and applications to access RPA
  • Trust - We ensure trust through the use of our AARC framework, which defines rules for Acquiring, Analyzing, Reacting and Communicating throughout the process
  • Accountability - We develop automated processes with accountability in mind, by ensuring that automated processes go through a rigorous review to ensure they adhere to governance and business rules
  • Listening - One of the benefits of human workers comes from the ability to consume real-time information while executing a task. Automation can do that as well.

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