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Property Code Violation Monitoring
VIOLA - Property Code Violation Monitoring

The property violations (VIOLA) solution allows for REITs, REOs and other real estate related companies to automate the monitoring of property violations from desired municipalities across the United States. Utilizing this solution, we are save organizations money as well as protect their properties by being confiscated.

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The Problem

It takes a person about three (3) minutes to look up an address in an internal system, search against the desired code infraction source, compare the old and new information, and decipher whether there is any meaningful change. It takes them another two (2) minutes to communicate and distribute that information to the appropriate people in the organization and then another three (3) mins to report the outcome. In all, working with our clients, we have found that it takes on average, eight (8) minutes for someone to go through the process of ensuring that a property does not have a new or escalating property code violation.

At an average of $10 per hour, it costs about $1.33 per day to monitor just one property. That is $133 per day for a hundred properties, $1333 per day for one thousand properties, even getting more expensive as people make mistakes because they are bored and distracted. It also means that for a thousand locations, an organization would need about sixteen (16) full-time employees to carry out this task.

Recognizing the cost, real estate organizations such as REOs, banks, and REITs have opted to act retroactively. Choosing to pay the fines associated with property violation costs which keep on compounding. In some cases, even losing properties as liens are placed.

We see this all the time, the cost and sheer size of the workforce needed to solve a problem sometimes outweighs the value of the issue. For some real estate organizations, this can amount to millions a year.

This problem needed a digital workforce solution.

The solution: VIOLA

The property violation (VIOLA) solution is built using all of our experience in developing highly available and scalable automated solutions. VIOLA uses industry leading automation technology to continuously monitor an unlimited number of portfolio properties for new or changing code violations. On finding any changes, VIOLA will immediately send alerts using; SMS/Text, Email, Chatbot, REST API integration, direct database integration or any other method, depending on the user's preferences.

VIOLA can also be additionally configured to make payments and even start interaction with the municipality in question. Integrating VIOLA into your organization is super simple. Integration with VIOLA is highly customizable with support for REST, database, file integration, and more.

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